• I tend to hit rock bottom when I'm studying.
  • Me: Sigh. Studying is taking away from my creative energy.
  • Me: But I have no creative energy, what am I talking about?
  • Me: My whole life has become such a routine.
  • Me: What is the purpose of life anyway?
  • Me: All I do is study and work. Surely, there is more to do and see in life.
  • Me: I feel like pizza.
  • Me: I feel like chocolate.
  • Me: What the hell? I don't even like chocolate.
  • Me: I just want to travel the world and do other cliched things.
  • Me: Maybe I'll just pack my bags and leave and go an adventure.
  • Me: LOL! Who am I kidding? I can't support myself! I am practically a child.
  • Me: I feel so old!
  • Me: I feel so young!
  • Me: I should just get married.
  • Me: Actually, I don't want to get married. I am a strong, independent woman! I don't need a man!
  • Me: Maybe I should get my Ps. It's about time I started driving.
  • Me: Oh look at that [insert random object from childhood]. Life was so much simpler back then.
  • Me: Studying is so pointless. You can't learn the most important things in life through books!
  • Me: Oh, is that [insert television show] on television. This shit can wait.
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